MIDI Greeting Cards

But with the appearance of a square greeting card. With the square greeting card you are fully in line with current trends.

The square card, or the Marant Cards MIDI greeting card, is available in all desired themes: Congratulation, Anniversary, Wedding, Birth, Get well soon, Participation and Blank
variants for all occasions and special texts such as Much Love and Thanks.

Add the square greeting card to your collection and you serve your current target group with a new product and you also attract a new target group that is looking for a trendy greeting card.


Voor de collectie (net-niet) vierkante wenskaarten bieden wij u ook een wenskaarten display. In deze wenskaarten display passen 64 verschillende motieven vierkante wenskaarten. De vierkante wenskaarten staan full-face (volledig zichtbaar) in de wenskaarten display. Vraag ernaar in onze Cash & Carry te Ridderkerk.


We also regularly release new designs for the square greeting card collection. The square greeting card collection currently consists of more than 350 different motifs.


The Marant Cards MIDI greeting card is available from stock and the collection of this (just-not) square greeting card changes throughout the year and is always kept up-to-date. If you miss a theme in the square greeting card collection: feel free to let us know, then we can assess whether we can make something in the square greeting card collection for the desired theme.


Bent u geïnteresseerd in onze collectie (net-niet) vierkante wenskaarten vraag er dan naar bij onze Cash & Carry te Ridderkerk.


Wij hopen u snel te mogen verwelkomen in onze Cash & Carry te Ridderkerk voor onze collectie (net-niet) vierkante wenskaarten.